Error Prevention Techniques


Humans make errors!

Research has shown that typical human makes about 5 errors per hour. In an 8-hour day that’s 40 errors each. That’s 200,000 errors per week in a workforce of 1000 people working 8 hours per day.


Frightening? It should be. If only 0.001% of these errors are serious then your workforce is making 2 serious errors per week. How serious is serious depends on the industry you are working in.

In a safety dependant industry then “serious” could cause harm to people or the environment.

When you realise how many mistakes a human can make there a

re two assumptions that must be uppermost in your mind:

  1. How to reduce the number of Errors madeIMG_2933
  2. How to reduce the impact or Errors made



I’ll elaborate on these two issues in future posts


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