Asset Management for Nuclear Power Operations

Traditionally the term “ASSET” on a Nuclear Power Plant has been used to represent the Systems, Structures and Components (SSC’s) that make up the plant. Most IT systems supporting maintenance, operations and engineering have been built around this concept. In some plants, the term ASSET also includes the spare parts, ocnsumables and tools that are managed in the stores management system.

Asset Management in Nuclear Power Plants has often been based around long-existing processes described in the INPO Process Documents AP913 (Equipment Reliability) and AP928 (Work Management) or in the NEI Standard Nuclear Performance Model (SNPM).

In other industries, Asset Management standards have emerged firstly with PAS55 and then with ISO 55000 series. These two standards drive us to consider other things as ASSETS. Assets are described as anything that “Adds Value” in an organisation and the definition of ASSETS includes both tangible and intangible things such as Documents, Data, People, Process, Contracts, Knowledge etc.

This ISO 55000 definition becomes almost unworkable as it leads us to consider managing everything as if it were the same thing. At its extreme, the Asset Management System (confusingly, this is the Management System that Manages Assets” ) could be viewed as an Asset because it adds value. Leadership and Quality which are essential enablers to Asset Management can themselves be viewed as Assets in the Asset Management System. Confused? you should be.

In considering Asset Management in the Nuclear Industry, we have to consider the Drivers and Enablers that are specific to the industry:


The overall driver for any industry is to make money. There are external drivers that dictate the ability to make money such as regulation, public perception, the market cost of electricity. To make money, the organisation needs to improve availability, reduce costs whilst maintaining safety and the impact of the power plant on the environment.

To achieve this the Nuclear Power Operator needs to implement a number of Enablers


The operator needs to be able to continually measure and improve its processes and plant. It can only do this by investing in the plant (refurbishment), its people (training, knowledge management, leadership), Information Technology etc.

I’ll talk more about this subject in later posts. This is just a taster.



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